Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dont go anywhere! I'm almost back

Hello Hello! Long time no see! After more than 2 weeks of hiding I am back to blogging… Hopefully you still remember me..

So what have I been doing in London for the last two weeks? Well most of my spare time has been occupied by looking at and looking for flats. I can honestly say that this is my new hobby. I have seen dozens of flats over the last two weeks… Some were small flats. Some were dirty flats. And there were the small and dirty flats. Nice flats with weird flatmates. Weird flats with nice flatmates. So here I am at an internet cafe.. still homeless but with a light at the end of the tunnel.. but enough about my living situation… 

This post is about friends.. You see when you are in a new country and constantly meeting new and exciting people… you also get to realise how much you love you friends. Let me explain. I'm sure most of you have experienced this. The single biggest most important thing i will miss about Sydney is my friendship group. Over the last hundred years that we have known each other for we have developed not only personal jokes but also phrases and words which have somehow found their way into our vocabulary. The former mostly comes from movies involving Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller or both.. The latter were in most cases made up by friends, probably in a state of extreme intoxication. I will not go through them all as you might think I am a little strange but just to illustrate the point… one of the more commonly used made up terms is "awkweirdity" (an extremely awkward, uncomfortable and may be a little weird situation which lasts longer that you would've liked it to). So now you know. Over the last two weeks I have experienced the urge to use these jokes and words in a number of social situations (mostly at a pub) only to realise that no one will understand what the hell I am carrying on about.   

I should be back up and running in about a week or so.. no photos until then I'm afraid... Here is a little one from Haslemere where I went last weekend for the Gold Cup Polo finals I must say the English countryside is just as I always imagined it! Beautiful!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer in the country...

I took these photos a while ago but never posted them... I have been enjoying a few interior design blogs lately (special mention to Little Blue Deer) so thought I would dig these photos up and share them with you...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello London!

Hello! It's me and I am back! Landed in London this morning and since my body clock is utterly confused anyway, I decided not to lose any time and go out exploring... These are a couple of shots I took with my little p&s camera...

When travelling one faces a number potential worst case scenarios. The most common ones are:
- sitting next to a smelly person on the plane
- sitting next to a screaming child
- being sat next to a larger person because you are little and between the two of you will manage

I normally experience at least one of these when I travel and this trip was not an exception.  800 passengers, 14 hours and 55 minutes travel time and one screaming child. The problem is that you cant ask him to stop and you kind of feel guilty thinking mean thoughts.. but this child pushed me to a limit. The little boy was sitting behind me and apart from the constant screaming, he also continually kicked my chair and managed to pull my hair a number of times... Now that's just bad manners! 

Anyway, I'm here now and absolutely loving it... So many things to do in the next couple of weeks! So bare with me if I am MIA for a little while longer..

Hope you have all been well! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


mia's birthday weekend 010
tulips are my favourite flowers.. they are simple, understated, elegant...
no big hoo-ha... what you see is what you get.
p.s.Sorry about being so unsocial lately! The move is taking up so much of my time!.. I still do read and appreciate all of your comments! Will be back to normal soon enough hopefully xx

Friday, July 2, 2010