Thursday, December 12, 2013

Testing testing: Rezeda

I love shooting back in Russia in my home town. It generally means I'm relaxed with plenty of time and nowhere to rush. This time I wanted to do something very informal. In fact I didnt even know I wanted to shoot... until I was trawling randomly through instagram and came across Rezeda's profile (@rezzzy). She is not a model and has no modelling experience whatsoever but loves a good selfie and has a fun personality (see how much you can learn by insta-stalking someone :)) So I got in touch, ordered two random dresses on ASOS and booked a studio - all very last minute. I shot this using only natural light. Boom! 

p.s. Guess what?! Im off to Australia this weekend! Cannot wait for some sunshine! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

what I wore: the comfiest Ganni dress ever...

This has to be one my comfiest outfits!
Dress - Ganni; Coat - Asos; Shoes - old Viktor & Rolf; bag - Meli Melo 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carine Roitfeld, Paris

On my flight back to London, I finally managed to watch Mademoiselle C – a documentary on Carine Roitfeld or to be more precise- whatever happened to Carine after her somewhat scandalous departure from french Vogue.
 I cant really say I ever had an opinion on Carine – obviously very stylish, successful, talented. But I couldn’t say she ever evoked any strong feelings of admiration, obsession or particular interest to her persona. I have seen her at fashion weeks in Paris and have photographed her but that was more because she is Carine Roitfeld, as opposed to because I simply love shooting her.   
 Neither could I say that I had any particular expectations for this film. I guess I expected it to be Carine’s version of The September Issue built on the same [successful but simple] formula. And that it was – similar structure, layout and story telling. However, to my surprise, what made this film an absolute pleasure to watch (and subsequently re-watch) was the human element. The Carine element – who came across as a wonderful human being who, albeit obsessed with fashion, has a life beyond fashion. I loved watching her obsess over Julia and the birth of her first grandchild, her vulnerability, her pride to be a Russian although has left the country many many years ago, her shameless embrace of the world of Kanyes, Beyonces and Jay-Zs. I loved that she opened up and showed herself not as an editor, for whom fashion is everything, but as a woman, a friend, a lover and a mother. I know it sounds really cheesy but to me that’s what has made the film so extremely relatable.
If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend watching the film – it will leave you feeling inspired! xx 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Elisa Baudoin, Grand Palais


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christine Centenera, Paris

Christine Centenera - Vogue Australia. I love the cut and the detail of this amazing black jacket - look at the shoulders, the trim, the gold buttons and that belt. Immaculate!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Elisa Nalin, Paris - September 2013

I'm usually not a huge fan of denim jackets - in fact I dont even own one - but Elisa here pulled off the look so well. I think its the simple white dress that makes the look softer and saves the jacket from looking trivial (which is how I believe denim jackets normally look)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dasha Selyanova ZDDZ

(click on the arrows)

My last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy - I was in New York for a holiday (which conveniently clashed with Halloween - any excuse to dress up), then was back in London for a few days and now I am in Russia. 

During my couple of days back home in London I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Dasha Selyanova who is a Russian designer living in London and who is one of the four masterminds behind an urban-wear brand ZDDZ. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon so we decided to head outdoors for some of the shots - Dasha leaves on the canal in Angel which made for a great backdrop to the photos.

Check out the full story (in Russian) on Wonderzine


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sienna Somers, Somerset House

How cool is Sienna's hat?! I believe it's by Pachacuti

Friday, November 1, 2013

On the subject of ink...

I first considered getting a tattoo when I was about 14 years old. I was going through my rebellious stage and was an avid fan of L’Oreal’s blue hair highlighters and faux-snakeskin trousers (I cringe just thinking about it). I thought about it long and hard and decided that it wasn’t even a matter of wanting a tattoo, it was a matter of needing a tattoo (especially given my sister had some serious tattoo artistry done a few years earlier). At the time I had decided that out of the entire flora and fauna catalogue I would choose a spider which was to be placed on my right ankle. Decision made. I was prepared to put up a good fight when I went to my dad to ask for funding for this important project. To my amazement, surprise and disappointment dad didn’t seem at all shocked or bothered by my idea and said he didn’t mind as long as the aforementioned or any other tattoo would not somehow find its way to either of my shoulders (“because that would be a bit vulgar”). That was a bit of anti-climax because how is that cool and rebellious when your parents are not shocked by it?! In hindsight it was probably a case of my parents using reverse psychology but I didn’t end up getting the tattoo in the end and shortly after I was shipped off to the Land Down Under so it was probably a good thing given my new school (read: prison) didn’t even feel comfortable with lip gloss let alone tattoos.

My memory fades at my old age but I think I may have had a relapse around the age of 18 after graduating from school but my tattoo ponderings were categorically quashed by my BFF who claimed that she would basically defriend me (in real life that is… since these were pre-Facebook days) had I gone ahead with the tattoo. At the time we were both living on the Gold Coast which is basically Australia’s miniature version of LA… except at times quite trashy. So majority of tattoos that we were exposed to were the ones of Southern Cross or Dolphins or Butterflies – sometimes all three… that lived on the backs, shoulders, boobs and hips of jolly girls who liked dancing on tables at Shooters /The Drink/Melbas bar (I was up on those tables right next to them, sans the ink).

The next few years after that the tattoos didn’t cross my mind as I was too busy graduating from uni, finding a job, hating the job, moving to London, changing the job, having the time of my life until this year I started getting dangerously close to a particular age milestone and started compiling (as you do) my ‘bucket list’ for the next 10 years. So the ink crept back into the list of things to do. But now that I’m older and wiser – I decided that it is not something to be taken lightly.

I decided to ask around and see what people think about tattoos these days (especially given that every man and his dog’s friend has one). The responses varied but the underlying message was ‘don’t do it!’

Here is a random sampler of opinions:
·         Don’t do it – you are not a rockstar (from anonymous friend – btw thanks for clarifying that because I had totally forgotten that I wasn’t a rockstar…duh)
·         Don’t do it – you will regret it one day… probably on your 50th birthday
·         Don’t do it – we will not be friends if you do (from my photographer/blogger friend! Wtf! Aren’t creatives meant to be the open minded ones?!)
·         Don’t do it – you are having an identity crisis, it will pass (from a drunk friend who arguably is also having some kind of a crisis)
·         Do it!!! – girls with tattoos are sexy, how soon do you think you can get it done?! (from a former romantic interest)
·         Do it… – I have 6, its not big deal – shall I come with? I’ve been thinking about a 7th (from a friend who is an associate director at an investment bank…go figure...)
·         Do it… – I will pay for it if the tattoo has a reference to Miley Cyrus in written or pictorial format (my ex-boss who thinks he is hilarious)
·         Errmm – haven’t we been through the tattoo stage already? Oh wait…that was me… (from my sister)
I must say the only comment that really made me question was the one about my 50th birthday… I mean at the moment it’s not even a hypothetical possibility that I will ever be 50 years old… but then again a few years ago 30 years old wasn’t really an option but now its becoming unsettlingly (did I just make up a word?!) real.   

So basically to wrap this up… I still haven’t made up my mind about the whole thing… mostly because I’ve been thinking a lot about what it may be (it will be writing I know that much) and I have not been able to come up with any sentence, word combination or picture that I would be comfortable carrying on my skin for the rest of my life. Just thinking back to my ‘spider’ days – I thank my lucky stars for not having to spend the money to get that insect removed from my ankle… It all seems like a great idea at the time but can you carry it proudly when you are of the elegant age???

p.s. here is a little picture of the gorgeous Pernille who’s Nordic style I absolutely adore – she has a sneaky ink bracelet on her wrists which comfortably blends in with the rest of her jewellery (snapped by me at PFW outside Grand Palais in September this year)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Garance Dore, Outside Chloe

The one and only Garance with her new chop and a gorgeous pink Phillip Lim coat. Garance started off being and still is one of my favourite bloggers to follow. I have been following her for about 5 years  now and I still enjoy her posts today just as much as I did back then. If I get really busy and dont have time to catch up on blogs for a couple of weeks, one of my favourite Friday night pastimes (yes, I'm a bit of a sad case - I love a good friday night in with lots of 'me' time) is to crawl into bed with my I-pad and head straight for Garance's blog.  


What I wore: Blue coat

Catching the rare sun rays in the afternoon... I'm refusing to give up on bare feet! So until they turn the same colour as my coat I will not be wearing boots :) 

Coat - Topshop; Top, trousers, shoes - Zara; Sunglasses - Asos

Photos: David Nyanzi


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vika Gazinskaya, Jardins des Tuileries, September 2013

I love Vika in this baby pink colour - it makes her look so soft and fresh! The colour softens the masculine cut of the suit and the absence of shirt (or any type of layering for that matter) adds a bit of a sexy streak. LOVE! (you can totally tell because I am posting not one but three photos :)) 

The social media bubble or how I became addicted to Instagram...

Last Saturday at a friend’s birthday dinner I was sat next to a very interesting young man who makes a living by assisting one of the top photographers in the fashion universe. We got chatting about this that and the other… and then he said the most incredible thing – “why would one strive to get published in print? people outside the fashion industry hardly even buy magazines anymore – it’s all online these days”. At first I was outraged… I mean what nonsense is this man talking?! Of course people still love magazines! And then I thought about the last time I read a magazine…

I stopped buying hardcopies sometime ago but I do subscribe to a few glossies through their I-pad editions – I tend to flick through them on my way to work (whilst being squashed on the tube somewhere between Bond Street station and some smelly man’s armpit). But I must say, the last couple of issues I found somewhat irritating – I remember thinking that I really wasn’t getting anything out of this issue because the only clothes staring at me from the pages were the ones which ended up there by virtue of fashion houses spending a lot of money on advertising and hence they were all established brands fighting for the limelight and none of the fresh/up-and-coming/interesting designers would ever have a chance at making an appearance. Of course this is a huge generalisation and there are magazines that are smaller-cooler-etc-etc but here I am referring to the powerhouses of fashion glossies.
Generally what tends to happen if I am unhappy with the content of a magazine is that I would try to compensate by going online and sifting through what the numerous people that I follow on Instagram/Pinterest/Bloglovin are wearing and raving about. I know that the bloggers these days are not entirely independent either but at least their content comes with a healthy dose of creativity in mixing and matching the pieces. So may be it is “all online” after all or at least moving in that general direction…. Which brings me to my next point – the direction in which the social media is moving.
I have recently discovered that (potentially due to the never-ending boredom and all-consuming lack of motivation at my day job) I have been checking my Instagram/Pinterest/Bloglovin more frequently than would be deemed healthy by your average person.
 I don’t know if it’s my stalking tendencies or what but I more and more find myself following people for the sake of knowing what they are up to rather than just what they are wearing. I guess there is no point in denying the obvious – I belong to the “reality TV” generation. For some reason this generation is just so damn nosy and interested in other random people’s lives! I mean try explaining to your mother why you are following a 100 random people who you’ve never met before on Instagram and catching up on their daily happenings with an almost hourly frequency… But wait it gets worse! I’m not talking celebrities… I’m talking random people, bloggers, unknown models and of course friends of these random people – to put it bluntly “mere mortals”. But somehow by virtue of human curiosity, I add more and more of these random people to the list of my Followed. Sometimes I catch myself thinking when scrolling through the Instagram “ah haven’t seen anything from [Mary Smith] for a while – I wonder what she’s been up to”. Are you normal??? I mean if I could give myself a piece of advice it would be GET A LIFE!!!! But for some strange reason I keep coming back for more… addiction? Call it whatever you want! The reason why the social media bubble will not burst for quite sometime is because it caters to one basic human element – CURIOSITY.   Remember when you were little and you used to have imaginary friends? Well nothing’s changed really except that now your imaginary friends live online :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday on Brick Lane

I hardly ever venture out to Brick Lane on Sundays and if I do I like to relax instead of hassling people for photos. But on this particular occasion I just happened to have my camera with me and this lovely lady just happened to be walking past in this really cool skirt. Ta-da!

Friday, October 18, 2013

PS I wore it: bra over a white shirt...

I first saw the "bra over shirt" thing on Yasmin Sewell at AW13 shows earlier this year. I loved the idea but it never felt quite right. Until I found this asymmetrical white shirt at Urban Outfitters and thought it would be perfect for the "bra situation" because it doesnt look as formal as a normal white shirt would - it actually almost looks like a dress because its quite a bit longer in the back.

Shirt - Urban Outfitters (similar here), matte (faux) leather trousers -Warehouse, bag - Asos, leather bralet - Manning Cartell (bought it yonkers years ago back in Australia but somewhat similar here), shoes - Jimmy Choo

photo: David Nyanzi

Happy Friday xx

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Angelica Lorenz, London

I love the way Angelica paired this tartan suit with a biker jacket to toughen up the look a bit. It's just the right amount of masculine.

Angelica is wearing a Topshop suit (similar here), Acne Jacket (similar here), Balenciaga shoes (similar here), Phillip Lim bag (similar here).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nayoung Keem, Place Vendome

One would think bright orange would be enough of a statement when it comes to suits but I think the quirky cut in this case puts a modern spin on a classic shape. Wouldn't have any other way to be honest!

PS I wore it: red crop top...

Asos skirt, Daisy Street crop top, Christian Louboutin heels, DvF clutch (similar here), Asos sunglasses 

I generally hate crop tops...I think perhaps I overdid them in the 90's when I was going through my Spice Girls stage. In any case, I finally found a way to make this trend work for me by wearing it with a skirt that's high on the waist and hence the amount of flesh showing is somewhat reduced :) 

photos: David Nyanzi


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anouska Proetta Brandon, Somerset House

Blogger Anouska wearing MIH Jeans, Moka London coat, Office shoes

I can never work up the courage the wear white jeans (or any white trousers for that matter) because I think they make my bum look big. Perhaps pairing it with a coat and some bright shoes solves that problem...hmmm


Monday, October 14, 2013

Lola Lalic, Somerset House

Lola works for Opening Ceremony (she is wearing a jacket by Opening Ceremony, JW Anderson Skirt, Top by Proenza Schouler, Dr Martens shoes) and she was probably one of the happiest people on that cold rainy London day when everyone was tired and grumpy. 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Giovanna Battaglia outside Kenzo, Paris

I am absolutely loving anything blue at the moment in any shade or hue... LOVING!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little red riding hood... Paris


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Justin O'Shea outside Chloe, Paris

Disclaimer: I have never personally met Justin O'Shea neither am I implying he is a "Gatsby" - I just think he looks great in this photo :)) (shot by me for Wonderzine at Paris Fashion Week in September this year).

The Gatsby Man

I am aware that I'm no Carrie Bradshaw and I am most definitely not writing a sex column and I am no expert when it comes to men HOWEVER when you and your girlfriends identify a potential new breed of male over a bottle of wine on a Monday night, it would be a shame not to share it…right? 

After careful analysis of our acquaintances and former (and current) lovers we have decided that these guys are becoming increasingly active in the dating community. Arguably, the Gatsby man has evolved from your "metrosexualis normalis" and into what we would propose to label "the Gatsby man".

Basically, Gatsby's raison d'être revolves around the idea of self-improvement… continuous self-improvement. If you have read the novel you would remember Gatsby's self-improvement schedule…

Your typical Gatsby man can be characterised by the following (but not limited to) behaviours:

- Gatsby always has a cool hobby - he generally would not take it up if its not cool. The hobby could be creative (photography) or sporty (kitesurfing) but invariably it would very cool.

- Gatsby is interested in everything and is very hungry for information… the scope is extremely broad and can include anything from the US foreign policy to the up-and-coming swedish band to the economic benefits of solar panels. 

- He is always up to date on the current affairs, latest gigs, exhibitions, movies and festivals - in a lot of cases he would also have tickets to the aforementioned gigs, exhibitions etc etc... "just in case"

- He loves everything new, hip and cool and he prides himself on being one of the first to find and embrace the aforementioned coolness

- He is very into his fitness but mostly for vanity reasons and for a very defined six-pack (which he would NEVER put on instagram but rather wait for your gasp when things get a little…ahem…serious)

- He is hyperactive on Spotify, or alternatively he plays a musical instrument (a guitar or a piano and you will probably get enjoy his musical talent straight after you get to enjoy the elaborate 3 course meal that he has cooked for you and which was inspired by his latest trip to Spain, Peru, China etc etc)

- He is immaculately groomed and dressed, interested in fashion and is aware of the latest fashion trends (in some cases womenswear trends too but it does not mean he is gay at all… he just likes to know that the girl that he is dating is "with it" in terms of her fashion choices)

- He is visual and his house is probably just as immaculate as he is - it is carefully decorated and the pictures have been sourced from the coolest market in town…from an up and coming artist… biensûr)

- He probably has a well-paid job, probably owns his house and possibly a car (the car would be an extension of him so it will also be very nice..dont you worry). He knows that financial stability is important and he works hard for his money. He has a career. He is successful. He probably reads pshycology books on team management and/or world domination

- He knows he is a catch… he has a list of his own positive attributes in his head that he consciously compares to the list of your attributes when he meets you

- If he had a quarter/midlife crisis you would never know - he would just take up another cool hobby and read more psychology books

- He takes himself seriously at all times and he is never the class clown. He is in control. You wouldn't see him drunk very often if at all.

So once you have identified this particular breed of a man…you have to decide if you are really interested in giving this creature a home… the thing is - the jury is still out on whether this breed makes for good mating partners. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise however, since they take their relationships seriously and generally are not looking for a one night stand. But the biggest challenge lies in being even considered for the gf status. Basically, getting the Gatsby Girlfriend status is akin to getting a job at LVMH - you will have to go through at least 8 interviews to even be considered for the job. 

If you have decided to take on the challenge of proving your worthiness to a Gatsby then you will have to do some serious prep work in order to keep his attention:


- You have to be well dressed - they appreciate a sense of style, use of colour blocking and the shape of your heel - because they know what's "in". Money well spent on a new season statement piece. 

- You have to be into your fitness because he appreciates the chat about the latest protein diet and running in Regent's park vs Hyde Park. Within a few months you may or may not find yourself training for a half-marathon. Of course he is very supportive!

- You have to thank your lucky stars if you don't listen to Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus because that would make it easier to appreciate the latest up and coming band from Iceland. Fact.

- Above everything - you have to recognise and complement on all the things that make him a superior male to his peers because he puts a lot of work into it! A complement will go a long way because it will yet again reassure him that he's made the right choice in dating you. He is a good judge of character. Naturally.

- Additional perks include (but not limited to) make-up removing wipes in his bathroom (no, he is not cheating…he is just considerate); possibility of using his moisturiser if you have forgotten yours; ability to trust him with the task of booking your next holiday - he will do a stellar job and think of every last little detail; enjoyment in knowing that all the girls in the room wish they were you :))   

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hedvig Opshaug, London

Hedvig Opshaug outside Somerset House wearing a Stella McCartney coat, Mara Hoffman dress, Jimmy Choo heels and a Celine clutch

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Eva Ana Kazic, Jardins des Tuileries


PS: I wore it....embracing New Balance trainers

so do you remember my whole rant about anti-repelling fashion and the New Balance trainers?... so I actually did go ahead and buy them in the end and wore them whilst shooting at fashion week... they are so freaking comfortable... (jeans - Zara, sweatshirt - Asos, sunglasses - Asos)

photo: David Nyanzi  xx

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zanita Morgan outside Kenzo, Paris

Zanita Morgan looking Marilyn Monroe'esque in a skirt by an aussie designer Toni Maticevski

p.s. I have been following Zanita's blog for about 3.5 years now but this was the first time I met her in person. In the last 3 years Zanita's blog skyrocketed from being an aussie favourite to truly international and globally recognised. It is so refreshing to see that Zanita remained her humble sweet self in the process (unlike many other bloggers whose heads have become so big they no longer fit through the door :))

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Valentina Siragusa outside Kenzo, Paris

Valentina Siragusa - wearing top and skirt by Geeks & Stitches, Sessun coat, bag by Roger Vivier, Grey Mer shoes

Streetstyle for Wonderzine

For more of my streetstyle shots from PFW check out my posts on Wonderzine Part 1 and Part2

Monday, September 30, 2013

Helena Bordon, Jardins des Tuileries

Helena Bordon - suit by Viktor & Rolf, bag Charlotte Olympia, shoes Diego Dolcini