Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello London!

Hello! It's me and I am back! Landed in London this morning and since my body clock is utterly confused anyway, I decided not to lose any time and go out exploring... These are a couple of shots I took with my little p&s camera...

When travelling one faces a number potential worst case scenarios. The most common ones are:
- sitting next to a smelly person on the plane
- sitting next to a screaming child
- being sat next to a larger person because you are little and between the two of you will manage

I normally experience at least one of these when I travel and this trip was not an exception.  800 passengers, 14 hours and 55 minutes travel time and one screaming child. The problem is that you cant ask him to stop and you kind of feel guilty thinking mean thoughts.. but this child pushed me to a limit. The little boy was sitting behind me and apart from the constant screaming, he also continually kicked my chair and managed to pull my hair a number of times... Now that's just bad manners! 

Anyway, I'm here now and absolutely loving it... So many things to do in the next couple of weeks! So bare with me if I am MIA for a little while longer..

Hope you have all been well! 


Beth Grace said...

Oh how exciting! Sorry for the gross traveling experience, but I suppose being in London will make up for it, yes? :)
Take lots of pictures and enjoy every second for me!

Ellie Grace

Bárbara said...

That's so great! hope you take a million of photos and share them with us!
if I had experienced a kid like that I would have kindly asked his mom to tell her kid to behave!!!

Heather said...

Soooo great that you made it there ok. I'm excited to see more of your upcoming posts.
*giveaway this week*

the nyanzi report said...

I love picture two of the fulham road.
So are you staying in the south ken area?
That's my ends.
Welcome to 'The Big Smoke.'
Looking forward to see what you got in store for us.

Biana said...

I love picture 2 as well! Nice to see that you've arrived in one piece! Take lots of photos for us :)

Lady M said...

I love 1st and 2nd photo!
It's cool.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry about the bad flight ... but how exciting that you are there!