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The Key...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LFW 2010 - Look At Me dot RU

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LFW 2010 - Zara lover

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LFW 2010 - Hanneli Hanneli

Lets get one thing straight - at fashion week you either dress to shoot or to be shot. If you somehow magically managed to combine the two then.. well, you must be amazing! Those who dress to shoot opt for keds.. Those who dress to be shot - no limits there!

And then there is Hanneli... the rare breed of 'amazing' who manages to do both...  As a Vogue 'accredited' blogger Hanneli can hold her head higher than  all the other bloggers.. She gets invited to all the major shows and gets to shoot whatever 'real' photographers shoot.. And yet she is as humble and nice as a first timer..

It is really weird to see people that you have been 'virtually following' (yes, its legit and not a form of net-stalking) for months in flesh. The last thing you want to do is run up to them, introduce yourself and act all excited (well.. actually thats exactly what I did to some bloggers.. sorry - you know who you are :)

I guess what makes it weird is that you feel like you know them because, literally on daily basis, you get to read their thoughts on life/love/fashion/travel/[insert as appropriate] ... So naturally, when you see them you feel it only appropriate to pick up the real conversation right where the virtual one left off.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

LFW 2010 - outside Vivienne Westwood

Random thoughts: what will not get you laid...

Ladies and ... well actually.. just Gentlemen this time! Although ladies might find some of this painfully familiar. I dont know whether it was just my luck or whether Thursday night is generally a 'bad pick up line' night but this is a true story and happened to me at different venues but on the same night.. Gentlemen take note and never do it again! You will not , and I mean ever in a hundred million years, pick up a girl using the following tactics:

1. Tell me I really look like your ex-girlfriend. At which point while smiling politely I am contemplating which pick up line is more lame 'ex-girlfriend' or the text book 'future girlfriend'. You, having noticed my hesitation and a confused smile (which looks like I just ate a lemon) proceed to prove that you are actually for real and show me a facebook picture of the girl on your phone. I'm still not convinced and walk away to process this information. The situation is only worsened by the fact you bud into my conversations with other people seeking their support and showing them the same picture. They look at me with a silent question - "do you know this guy!?". I really hope you had too much to drink and this is not your normal self. Enough said.

p.s. i then duly find out from friends of friends that you in fact have a girlfriend and she is in fact blond

2. Stalk me on the dancefloor in a nightclub, openly look me up and down and discuss me with your wingman. At this point I already think you are quite rude though I am secretly flattered. You then proceed, in a not-so-subtle manouvre to separate me from my friend by spinning me into a dance whilst your wingman steps in between me and my friend thus creating a wall of flesh so I cannot wink or otherwise communicate the code word for 'SAVE ME NOW!'. The only problem is my friend is male and so is your wingman and at this point it just looks plain weird.. To make things worse you then tell me that my friend is a loser and I should hang out with you and your friends tonight. I mean, really?! Did it ever occur to you that may be if I am friends with this person then I clearly must not think that he is loser?!

p.s. I really wish I said something at the time.. but sometimes I am just too damn polite for my own good.

3. Talk about 'deep' things at 3 am when a really good song is on and I just want to dance. The truth is, I am probably too drunk to register any of the deep talk and your theory about how the feeling of happiness is relative and may be it is not even the feeling of happiness but just means that the person was sad before and now back to normal and hence they are feeling happy... IT JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME AT 3 IN THE MORNING.

p.s. and you really love your mum. I love my mum too. It's a given. Do not need to mention it.

I am not trying to be mean, this stuff happens to girls all the time but because it all happened on the same night I became very concerned that this is no longer a coincidence and is in fact becoming a pattern. I feel guilty for not saying something to the above individuals on the night but I thought I could try to rectify it by getting the message out there so other guys could learn something. I hope.

Friday, September 24, 2010

LFW 2010 - what to expect..

What to expect from my LFW shots: 1) wearable style... or just random unexplainable 'coolness' 2) portraits
What not to expect my LFW shots: the "try-hard" shots.. i.e the crazy outfits that will be headlining a million blogs. Self expression? Yes. Cry for attention? May be. Wearable? Absolutely not.

P.s. this outfit I quite liked as I thought it was edgy but still wearable. I like the high bun so the hair doesnt take away from the outfit. Unfortunately, I did not get her name :(

Thursday, September 23, 2010

LFW 2010 - double trouble..

LFW 2010 Behind the scenes..

Reading about fashion week I always wanted to see what the place really looks like and what actually goes on behind the scenes.. So in case anyone else shares my sentiment.. I took some boring looking shots to give you an idea of what the location looked like and what went on in between the shows....

Somerset House

the cafe at Somerset House - chilling out between the shows..

1 hour before Vivienne Westwood show

20 minutes before Vivienne Westwood

Inside the BFC tent

Bloggers' corner

Buyers and press registration area

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashion Week Facts

1. All street style blogs covering LFW 2010 will look the same for the next 2 weeks... at least. Fact.

2. About 80% of people at fashion week (interns, assistants, PRs, bloggers etc and including me) cant afford the clothes that show at fashion week. Fact.

3. The number of 'high heel' related ankle injuries has tripled in the last 6 days. Highly likely a fact given the cobblestones at Somerset House.

London Fashion Week 2010, Hilda

Where: Vivienne Westwood show
Who: Hilda, editor of a fashion website in Romania

the first time...

I'm sure  those who have experienced it, remember it well... The first time. You spend the whole day in a state of nervous excitement.. Not able to concentrate on what you are doing, the only thing you wonder about is what will it be like? what should I wear?

You have heard so much about it and cannot wait to try it out yourself. You have read numerous articles in magazines about how it all happens..

When it finally comes to the crunch, you are more nervous than excited and not sure if you should go through with it all! The hype of it all just does not help!

But now you are here.. no turning back.. At first you are shy.. not really knowing what to do, how to behave.. Should I just keep quiet? Should I ask questions? Will I look stupid if I do? Should I just act cool and pretend like I've done it a million times and just hope that it will look convincing?? SOMEBODY HELP!!!!

The Fashion Week is here. Yes, I was talking about the Fashion Week.. what did you think!?

When it comes to fashion week, I am as rookie as they get. Literally clueless! After reading about it on blogs, magazines and every other possible media source you can't help but wonder what it would be like to experience it first hand. So, I decided that since I am now at least in the correct geographical location, it only made sense to check out what the fashion week beast was all about.

The result? You will be seeing street style photos from the fashion week on this blog until at least next Christmas! :))

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soho, London

I really cant take the credit for these as all I had to contribute was the camera :) ... The lovely David from the Nyanzi Report spotted this young man walking down the street in Soho... love the detail!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paris, L'Amour, Toujours! - part 2

Paris, L'Amour, Toujours!