Sunday, May 15, 2011

Current obsession: seeing red (Part 3)

Final collage to celebrate my obsession with the colour of passion, love and strangely...communism :)
(all photos by me, click on the image to enlarge)
NB: Who are they? the middle picture - blogger Anne Catherine Frey, picture on the right - blogger Imogen. Does anyone know who the girl in the red scarf is? 


Annushka said...

Amazing style)
I like your blog, it is excellent!

CHLOE and JESSICA said...

love the red scarf!

the style crusader said...

Gorgeous photos! Definitely feeling a bit of a red moment too! Although, I'm not wearing it... do I have anything red in my closet? Oh man... need to sort that out quickly.

Love the collage! No clue who the girl on the left is. Although I do seriously love her outfit. xx

Fashionistable said...

Yes I know. The girl in the red scarf is Kimberly Denise. I photographed her too, just havent posted her yet. Xxxx