Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An old friend...well sort of

Being a blogger is a strange thing. You share your thoughts. You share your vision. But most of the time it feels like you are just sending 'stuff' into an empty space.. the internet.. whatever that is. 

What you don't realise is that on the other side of that empty space are real people reading your thoughts, experiencing things with you and sharing your vision.

I guess it's not uncommon to become used to certain blogs, you feel like they are your friends (and no i'm not that sad, i do have real friends too) and every now and again you like to "pop in and say hello". Garance Dore is one of those "old friends" for me. I check her blog every day and really enjoy both the photos and the writing. I guess it is her writing that makes you feel like you really know her. After following her blog religiously for about a year, I finally ran into Garance at one of the fashion weeks. To be honest with you, I felt a bit lost... On the one hand you feel like you practically know this person since you essentially read their thoughts every day. On the other hand, you don't necessarily want to come across as a crazy person by waving your arms in the air and screaming "how the hell are ya!?"

I chose to stick with the less crazy, albeit slightly stalkerish behaviour of acting like I don't know who she is but staring at her continuously hoping she is too busy to notice anyway.  I just loved watching her in action. On the blog we only get to see the final product, but watching that 'product' be made is a different kinda high xx


It-Blogirls said...

Garance is amazing, I felt the same way too when I met her at fashion week!

fashion and frank said...

Too true - excellent post x

Styleadvisor said...

Great post!