Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Perfect Mulberry

Content warning: please only read this if ...
a) the names Kelly and Birkin mean more to you then just a first name and a last name 

b) you promise not judge me for my Theory of Bag Relativity 

When a couple of days ago The Boy I had been dating for the last couple of months announced he was to move countries in the nearest future, I was caught somewhat off-guard and was not even sure what to think of the situation.

Until that point in time I hadn't really thought much of him at all, since a million other extremely important things had occupied my mind. As it normally happens with me, I do not seem to think about my relationships (romantic or otherwise) much until something 'major' happens.. Since moving to London, I find that people generally  drift in and out of my life. Friends, dates, colleagues, acquaintances… Some people get comfortable and stick around for a while, others drift on. I guess that's the good thing about living in a big city, if something or someone is not quite right you just move on without the hassle of constantly bumping into them or having to uphold civility or exchange pleasantries.  

So when this particular individual, whose presence in my life I do acknowledge but rarely think of it as defining or significant, announced that he was moving to another country I was left a little confused. 

On the one hand, I never thought of it as more than a fling but on the other I felt like something that is mine is being taken away from me and I don't even have a say in it! I mean what if that something might have actually been very important but I just hadn't realised it  until now??!!!!

Then one day on my way from work I walked past a Mulberry store. Seeing the wonderful Alexa in the window made me a little bit sad because I was once again being reminded of how much funner and cooler my life would be if I had an Alexa of my own. May be in the classic oak… but possibly in the black suede leopard.. it might be two seasons ago but I still think it's soooo cute…

And then it occurred me…. The Boy is in fact an Alexa! Let me explain before you think I've gone completely mental…

The Boy represents something that would make my life funner and cooler and more exciting but at the same time, I had been wanting an Alexa but living comfortably without one for a couple of seasons before this 'situation'.

I mean an Alexa is not a Kelly or a Birkin which of course is one of my aspirations in life.. A Kelly or a Birkin - both a loyal, smart, classic choice that has been around for years and is above seasons and trends. You do not need your friends to approve of a Kelly or a Birkin - it speaks for itself. It has earned its respect in society by being exclusive, not readily available and monogamous. It only gets better with age, it is good quality and it is for life. Lets be honest now….EVERYONE eventually wants a Kelly!

Then there are of course the cute loveable 'du jour' bags from Zara which you will absolutely adore and take everywhere for one whole season but after a few years you probably wont even remember the name….

Then there is the "inbetweeners" - the Michael Kors' and the Love Moschino's of the  world… slick, stylish, bright and attention grabbing items. A little pricier but totally worth it and a great companion for whilst you are gaining life experience and working your way up to the Moschino main line. 

And of course we cannot forget the Chloes - pricey but a great investment… French charm and sophistication and they are so good at making you feel young yet accomplished. 

Then there are the Mulberry Bayswaters… an ideal for everyday.. a very corporate piece.. very practical indeed but some consider them too conventional and almost boring.

And finally there are the Mulberry Alexas…So cool, so young, so British… A perfect investment for a number of seasons to come. The perfect item to put on the wishlist… The perfect eye-candy… If you don't see one on the street or someone's shoulder for a while you forget how great they are and how cool they look. Then you walk past one and remember what great times you've had together… Then you realise that SS2012 is just around the corner and wonder if they will release some kind of "new and improved" Alexa for the new season! I wonder what it will look like… better start saving up :)) xx


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