Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas season in London

You know what the problem is with having some of your best friends in Australia? Well... amongst other things, around November when it starts getting dark and cold in London, you start seeing an increased number of Facebook posts about how "amaaaaazing" Bondi beach is looking today and how  it's 'cold' today because it's only 23 degrees... and so on and on and on. Dont mind me sitting here trying to figure out how to add another layer but still be able to put my coat on... I bloody hate winter! I dont even like skiing because in my mind skiing means paying a lot of money to go from one cold place to an even colder place (albeit mulled wine is a bonus). So this year, I have decided to stop being miserable to jam pack my social calendar with fun things to do so that I dont have time to mull over "how crap winter is". So far this week my list of accomplishments consists of: BFAs, Tim Walker's exhibition and ice-skating at Somerset house.

But lets start from the beginning - British Fashion Awards on Tuesday night. This was not my first time at the BFAs but yet every year I am just as giddy with excitement as the first time. I'm not going to bore you with all the details as I'm sure you have had the opportunity to read all about it on Twitter but the highlights for me:

Model of the year - Cara Delevingne

Designer of the year - Stella McCartney

Rita Ora closing 

  • realising of how horrible Gemma Arterton is at presenting! Geez I mean... she is a beautiful girl and everything but she was over-presenting like an overly excited 6 year old at a school Christmas concert.
  • not being allowed to take photos during the ceremony - ahem... hello! whats the point of inviting bloggers?! (i still snuck a couple in though :)) 
  • an enormous sense of pride for the number of truly talented UK designers. London Fashion is generally the 'poor cousin' of the fashion family but it is so good to see amazing talent like Roksanda Ilincic, Erdem and Jonathan Saunders to be recognised for their achievements.
  • triple confirm my already strong belief that Cara Delevingne is such a champ and generally a cool person and we should totally be friends
  • discovering that Rita Ora can actually sing... I am a tiny bit of a fan of hers and I was somewhat disappointed by her substandard vocals when she recently performed at the MTV Euro awards in  Frankfurt. Well fear not! The girl can sing...       

Thursday night: late night at Somerset house - Tim Walker "The Story Teller" exhibition and ice-skating.  

I will keep it short - bloody brilliant! Tim Walker is a visionary who lives in a world of his own where the line between fairy tales and fashion is so blurred, you dont know where one ends and the other one begins. Some of the oversized props so loved by Tim Walker and that he had used in his shoots also form part of the exhibition.. like the real size plane coming out of the fire place and giant skeleton hanging off the ceiling.

A visual indulgence both for fashionistas and aspiring photographers alike. Strongly strongly recommend! 

p.s. yet again - photos not allowed at the exhibition but me being the photo Ninja that I am... here are a couple of instagrams :)

Ice skating at Somerset House - well I have now been to three (!) ice skating rinks - London Eye, Canary Wharf and finally the Somerset House and I can definitely say that Somerset House is by far the biggest and the best. Great music, the smell of mulled wine and a giant Christmas tree all make you really feel like "Christmas is all around". If you are not yet feeling festive then definitely head to Somerset House for a little soiree on ice.