Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keep calm and drink champagne! ♔

So later this week I will be celebrating my birthday.... "celebrating" being an overstatement of the year - I actively avoid celebrating my birthday most years. I personally think birthdays are stupid (apart from the presents... presents are never stupid). Wait..come again.. you want me to celebrate the fact that I'm getting older?! Errm yeah right... like a needed an official reminder day for that...thanks!
 It's also the one day in the year that you hear from people you havent heard from since your last birthday but they are still considered to be your friends...because Facebook says so (remember nothing is ever official unless it's on Facebook!). To be quite frank my actual friends I hear from without there being a need for a compulsory 'get in touch because its her birthday' day. Although lately I dont even need a birthday to remind me that I'm getting older.... facebook reminds me of it on a daily basis with the never ending flow of engagement status updates (yeah ok i can deal with this one..) followed by an alarmingly increasing number of pregnancy announcements and [oh, lord!] photos of toddlers. Seriously?! We are in toddler stage already?! How could this be happening to me?! Have I been living under a rock for the last five years or something?.... You also know that you are getting old-er when the characters of Sex and the City series become more and more relatable...and your discussions of men (or lack thereof) with your girlfriends inevitably end in statements like "It's ok...I'm not worried about not being married just yet...I will make a great second wife!" Well you know what....I don't think I'm getting older... I am convinced that my friends are in fact having babies ahead of schedule! That's what happens when you make friends with overachievers. "What to do" you ask? Keep calm and drink champagne!  (like there was ever going to be a different answer..) :)) xx