Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Justin O'Shea outside Chloe, Paris

Disclaimer: I have never personally met Justin O'Shea neither am I implying he is a "Gatsby" - I just think he looks great in this photo :)) (shot by me for Wonderzine at Paris Fashion Week in September this year).

The Gatsby Man

I am aware that I'm no Carrie Bradshaw and I am most definitely not writing a sex column and I am no expert when it comes to men HOWEVER when you and your girlfriends identify a potential new breed of male over a bottle of wine on a Monday night, it would be a shame not to share it…right? 

After careful analysis of our acquaintances and former (and current) lovers we have decided that these guys are becoming increasingly active in the dating community. Arguably, the Gatsby man has evolved from your "metrosexualis normalis" and into what we would propose to label "the Gatsby man".

Basically, Gatsby's raison d'être revolves around the idea of self-improvement… continuous self-improvement. If you have read the novel you would remember Gatsby's self-improvement schedule…

Your typical Gatsby man can be characterised by the following (but not limited to) behaviours:

- Gatsby always has a cool hobby - he generally would not take it up if its not cool. The hobby could be creative (photography) or sporty (kitesurfing) but invariably it would very cool.

- Gatsby is interested in everything and is very hungry for information… the scope is extremely broad and can include anything from the US foreign policy to the up-and-coming swedish band to the economic benefits of solar panels. 

- He is always up to date on the current affairs, latest gigs, exhibitions, movies and festivals - in a lot of cases he would also have tickets to the aforementioned gigs, exhibitions etc etc... "just in case"

- He loves everything new, hip and cool and he prides himself on being one of the first to find and embrace the aforementioned coolness

- He is very into his fitness but mostly for vanity reasons and for a very defined six-pack (which he would NEVER put on instagram but rather wait for your gasp when things get a little…ahem…serious)

- He is hyperactive on Spotify, or alternatively he plays a musical instrument (a guitar or a piano and you will probably get enjoy his musical talent straight after you get to enjoy the elaborate 3 course meal that he has cooked for you and which was inspired by his latest trip to Spain, Peru, China etc etc)

- He is immaculately groomed and dressed, interested in fashion and is aware of the latest fashion trends (in some cases womenswear trends too but it does not mean he is gay at all… he just likes to know that the girl that he is dating is "with it" in terms of her fashion choices)

- He is visual and his house is probably just as immaculate as he is - it is carefully decorated and the pictures have been sourced from the coolest market in town…from an up and coming artist… biensûr)

- He probably has a well-paid job, probably owns his house and possibly a car (the car would be an extension of him so it will also be very nice..dont you worry). He knows that financial stability is important and he works hard for his money. He has a career. He is successful. He probably reads pshycology books on team management and/or world domination

- He knows he is a catch… he has a list of his own positive attributes in his head that he consciously compares to the list of your attributes when he meets you

- If he had a quarter/midlife crisis you would never know - he would just take up another cool hobby and read more psychology books

- He takes himself seriously at all times and he is never the class clown. He is in control. You wouldn't see him drunk very often if at all.

So once you have identified this particular breed of a man…you have to decide if you are really interested in giving this creature a home… the thing is - the jury is still out on whether this breed makes for good mating partners. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise however, since they take their relationships seriously and generally are not looking for a one night stand. But the biggest challenge lies in being even considered for the gf status. Basically, getting the Gatsby Girlfriend status is akin to getting a job at LVMH - you will have to go through at least 8 interviews to even be considered for the job. 

If you have decided to take on the challenge of proving your worthiness to a Gatsby then you will have to do some serious prep work in order to keep his attention:


- You have to be well dressed - they appreciate a sense of style, use of colour blocking and the shape of your heel - because they know what's "in". Money well spent on a new season statement piece. 

- You have to be into your fitness because he appreciates the chat about the latest protein diet and running in Regent's park vs Hyde Park. Within a few months you may or may not find yourself training for a half-marathon. Of course he is very supportive!

- You have to thank your lucky stars if you don't listen to Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus because that would make it easier to appreciate the latest up and coming band from Iceland. Fact.

- Above everything - you have to recognise and complement on all the things that make him a superior male to his peers because he puts a lot of work into it! A complement will go a long way because it will yet again reassure him that he's made the right choice in dating you. He is a good judge of character. Naturally.

- Additional perks include (but not limited to) make-up removing wipes in his bathroom (no, he is not cheating…he is just considerate); possibility of using his moisturiser if you have forgotten yours; ability to trust him with the task of booking your next holiday - he will do a stellar job and think of every last little detail; enjoyment in knowing that all the girls in the room wish they were you :))