Friday, February 14, 2014


When it comes to Valentine’s Day,  I have an amazingly consistent track record of being single. In fact, if I had the same consistency in any other part of my life, I would probably be a big deal by now in one way or another…. When I say I am consistently single on Valentine’s Day, what I really mean is - this is going to be my 29th Valentine’s Day as a single! That statistic is actually quite astonishing considering that it’s not exactly a drought situation or hasn’t really been a drought situation as such for at least the last 4 years (since I moved to London pretty much). So taking that into account it is really quite astounding that year after year, when it comes to matters of heart, I still remain a complete amateur. Year after year I mistime my relationships so that NEVER EVER do i have a date on the day when Hallmark ODs on steroids. 

The excuses are endless - he lives in a different country, he leaves to move to a different country two weeks before THE day, we have a fight (one of many) and that night in a nightclub he manages to meet his next girlfriend (best news EVER!), we decide to take a break (didn’t think that one through very well did i now…), I leave the country the night before to go back to London because Valentine’s day happens to be on a Monday and I have to be at work. Just for the record - all of these scenarios actually happened with different people so it’s not a one big dysfunctional relationship (phew!...that would have been worrying). Oh and btw for those of you who have never been to a nightclub on Valentine’s day… believe me when I tell you that it is the most desperate of the most desperate nights compared to the other 364 days in a year. Don’t do it! Just don’t!

The remainder of my Valentine’s days have been spent either trying to ignore the whole thing or rebelling against it with my other single friends (normally consists of a dinner and one too many drinks, followed by…. you guessed it! a nightclub!). 

This year I have come to a conclusion that Valentine’s Day is actually an evil holiday… because no holiday is ever meant to make you feel bad…Thanks for reminding me that I’m single - like Facebook doesn’t already excel at that on daily basis! I mean, we don’t celebrate a Skinny Person Day because that would make people feel bad about themselves, neither do we celebrate Blonde Day because that wouldn’t be very fair either…so whoever that marketing genius was who decided to bring back VDay would definitely be crossed off my Christmas list! Fact.

This year I have decided not to acknowledge the day at all - except I’m pretty sure that my lovely friends think I have gone a bit mental because I have declined all invitations to “singles” anything… no dinners.. no drinks… no rebelling!! 

I am expecting a lovely bunch of cupcakes tomorrow though - outcome of tactically negotiating down from a bunch of flowers that my BFF was intending to send along with my one and only VDay card that I get from her every year… without fail! Now THAT ladies and gentlemen is what I believe they call true love :)