Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seven Hundred Photos...

Last week I attended the "700 photos" project hosted by designer/artist Jesse Willesee. I didnt really know what to expect but I knew the idea was to rent 7 rooms in a pub/hotel and give the rooms to 7 designers/artist to transform into live art installations. The project was extremely fresh - I have never heard of or been to an event like this before! The place had an Andy Warhol's Factory feel to it.. A creative chaos!

I'm really excited to share some of the photos from the night but because there are a few I will post them in "room" order over the next couple of days...

Here is the first lot - an installation by Shayli Harrison. This girl was dancing to hardcore electro (or maybe it was rave?!) music in a room lit by fluoro lights.. (the stuff flying in the first photo is the foamie stuff you fill bean bags with.. not sure if that makes sense)