Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Issa AW 2011

Issa show, which took place at the BFC show space, was anything but grey and grumpy winter. Lots of amazing colours, flowing fabrics and bold accessories. A lot of the pieces were floor length in gorgeous patterns and deep rich shades of green, red and burnt orange. It was winter, but it was fun! I absolutely loved the flowing fabrics which made all the garments so feminine and soft. The collection, like many others this season, was making a bold 70's statement. It was not a suggestion, it was an order - next winter we WILL be wearing 70's fashion. Unlike many other collections this season, Issa only flirted with the idea of fur, making fur more of a subtle accessory in the form of hat brims and manteaux as opposed to a statement in itself.

Another favourite feature of the show for me were the suede gloves. I am a huge fan of gloves in any fabric and Issa absolutely excelled in making the gloves not only work with but also complete the look. And of course I cannot omit the fact that Yasmin Le Bon and Andrea Dellal walked the catwalk for Issa this season which added to the overall excitement of the show. Andrea Dellal has such an amazing energy that she seemed to ignite the catwalk in that elegant and (for the lack of better word) RED HOT number!

Overall, a great collection by Issa and we will no doubt be seeing Miss Middleton sporting a lot of those looks next winter.

Here is a little slideshow/movie to show you some of the looks. The soundtrack is the one that Issa chose for her finale. All photos, video (blackberry) and editing - by me (please be nice, this is the first movie I have ever made). Enjoy!

p.s. the file is quite large so for best quality let it load first or click here to watch it through YouTube