Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend at Bath

Things have been so hectic lately that all I wanted for the Easter long weekend is to hide out, hibernate and recharge somewhere relatively far away! Bath seemed to fit the bill so I recruited a like minded girlfriend of mine and off we went on a mini-getaway (hence the lack of posts - sorry!). I am feeling very proud of myself for being super healthy and kind to myself over the last couple of days (although I did slack off a bit and didn't get much editing done...uh-oh!)

Good things about Bath:

1. the really cute B&B places... it is all about the B&Bs here, don't even think about staying in a normal hotel! (we stayed at the Oldfields)
2. the Thermae spa - a rooftop pool full of mineral water that is really good for you and a great view of Bath (you can also add on massages and all sorts of extra treatments)
3. cheap and really great food. We enjoyed an amazing seafood dinner at Loch Fyne- oysters, wine, the works for about 30 quid each!
4. things to do apart from chilling in the spa, eating and sleeping - visiting the Fashion Museum. I especially enjoyed the Behind the Scenes exhibit.