Monday, May 28, 2012

Face as inspiration

It is always nice to be inspired. When you are a photographer, albeit an aspiring one, inspiration comes in many forms one of which is a FACE. Every photographer is looking for a face that you want to photograph and capture and share with your audience...

On my last trip to Russia I met a young aspiring model whose face completely and totally inspired me so I thought I would share it with you.

Victoria is very young but that has not stopped her from making first and very firm steps in the modelling world. I had a great day shooting Victoria, but unfortunately I cannot share the results of the shoot just yet. Instead I thought I would share the face.

I did a quick Q&A with Victoria:

When did you get into modelling: about a year ago

Favourite designer: Alexander McQueen and Kuritsa Pomada (Russian emerging designers)

Which photographer would you like do a shoot with: Terry Richardson although his work is somewhat controversial and overtly sexual, I think he is extremely talented and I would love to work with him.

If you had a chance to do runway for any designer, who would it be?: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana

Do you parents support you being a model?: yes, my mum used to be a model so she totally supports my decision

What is your personal style?: Sporty and comfortable - I'm a student so practical clothing is the easiest for me

What do you hope to get out of modelling?: Travelling, having the opportunity to visit and live in cities like New York, Milan and Paris. I also would like to try working in Asia, as the modelling industry is huge there at the moment. Basically do the things that you may not have an opportunity to do otherwise.



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