Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photoshoot: Neon Nights

My first ever nude shoot... and I must say: I AM a fashion gal after all! I do miss the clothes! In any case it is always great to try new things and experiment and for this shoot I really wanted to create something dark and sensual. I deliberately did not want her looking at the camera so that I could create an almost voyeuristic feel to this shoot.

My photoshop is 'having a moment' ... so these shots are unfortunately unretouched. But then again I wanted them to look real and I almost think if the model is kind enough to let me shoot her nude then I do not want to photoshop and liquify things out. For me part of the nude photography experience is appreciating the raw beauty of the body as opposed its computerised filter down version. Hope you like! xx


Anonymous said...

Always loved shoots with neon light.. and you did id perfectly! Great stuff!