Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do redheads have more fun?

I have been absolutely obsessed with redheads lately (in a good way!). I just find them so mesmerising with all that red hair and the feisty attitude to match (or so one would think/hope). I think my fascination with redheads actually started a while back... at least three years ago is as far as I can trace it. My then flatmate had this young, incredibly thin, gorgeous girlfriend with a massive almost afro-esque head of hair. She used to float in and out of our flat and I would stare at her in ore. I always wondered whether it was just me or whether other people were just as mesmerised by these wonderful creatures. And if that is in fact the case, then surely it is not the blonds who have more fun... surely it must be the redheads! I mean come on, blond is so 1990s...                                      

I dont know whether it's just my luck but every single redhead that I have met seems to possess the most incredibly cynical (and awesome at the same time) sense of humour... or even a whole perspective on life. It is they, who are capable of coming up with statements that make you choke on your drink from being hit by such "unexpectedness".  I am therefore very proud to say that my friendship troops have recently had an addition of a proper feisty and witty redhead (and no, its not Jessica Chastain... she is just there for the sake of having a picture, because a post without a picture is boring... but it so happens that i do not yet have a photo of my new friend :))  

p.s. I ran into Jessica Chastain in the Tuileries during Paris Fashion Week and didnt even realise who she was... just thought I would take a photo of that "pretty girl with red hair". No wonder she had a dude following her around.. guessing her bodyguard.. duh! xx


Anonymous said...

For sure redheads are not for everyone.. but on here it is something lovely and super cool!