Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just one of those days...

It's one of those days when you just cant get out of bed... Everything was going fine until I checked my mobile phone and realised that I left my hotmail (and hence the internet) running all night.. No worries just move right on... So I put my warm bloody coat on because I need to go to Adelaide for work and its really cold there... and you know when it's not that cold outside and you are wearing a warm coat you feel like you are wearing 3 layers too many? anyway so I grab my handbag, grab my overnight bag and as I am leaving I think that it would be a good idea to take the rubbish out because its really overflowing..

Guess what happens next? You guessed it! The rubbish falls out of the bag onto the floor, all of this while I am still wearing my big coat. Red in the face and cursing non-stop I managed to get the rubbish off the floor and into the bag. I take it to the rubbish shoot. Put it in. Close the shoot. Listen. Realise the bag is too big to go down the rubbish shoot (still have my big coat on and my handbag dangling on my arm and an overnight bag waiting patiently for me in the corner). So I spend the next 30 seconds cursing and red in the face trying to get the rubbish through the shoot.

As I make my way to the train station through filthy King Cross (which looks filthier than usual) I realise I've forgotten my book at home. In any other circumstance, on any other flight I wouldnt be so upset. But. I am flying to Adelaide with my boss for 2.5 days (which equates to 3 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 full working days and a total of 6 hours of flying time not counting the time in the airport).. Dont get me wrong - I love my boss, he is great and funny, but I really dont know what on earth we have to talk about over those 2.5 days!

Anyhow, I get over that sad fact and keep moving in the direction of the train station. Get there. The ticket machine just does not want to accept my 5 bucks (because the corner of the note is bent). I fiddle with the machine. People are staring. People start rolling their eyes. I finally get my ticket and flee...and ... because I have a big coat and 2 bags... get stuck in those sliding claws which guard the entry to the platform. Push my way through. No worries, happens to the best of us. Finally, completely miserable, I arrive at my train station and as I am walking from the train station I am thinking how embarrassed I will potentially be tomorrow morning when doing a presentation which I havent prepared for... I am about 100 metres from the office building... My train of thought suddenly gets interrupted by my own confusion. CONFUSION AT THE FACT THAT I JUST GOT SPAT ON!!!!!!! I take a few seconds to process what the f*ck had just happened to me. A woman, I mean your completely normal looking woman wearing jeans and a jacket, walked past me and saying something along the lines of "sooo beautiful" (I am not joking) and SPAT at me. And it was a big, juicy spit too.. I was startled as I watched it drip down my grey $200 Satch dress (my coat was open at this stage because I was getting too hot).. Just to clarify, I didnt look beautiful at all with that big coat, two bags (and I was wearing runners because i left my boots at work the night before).

She just kept walking (I console myself with the fact that she must've been a little..uhmm.. unwell)...I looked around seeking confirmation from people around me that this did in fact just happen to me and then I pretty much crawled off in the direction of my building, utterly embarrassed and slightly offended by the pitiful looks of people around (there were a lot of people - this is peek hour in Town Hall station!)

As I walked into the building, I contemplated for a minute about whether to cry or not. Decided not to, because that would cause more questions and I would actually have to own up to the fact that I just got spat on to my colleagues and no doubt it would get brought up at the next friday drinks.

So I went into the bathroom, washed off the saliva (i think i spewed a little in my mouth - thats how disgusting it was!) and went to my desk hoping that it could only get better from here. Because, frankly I dont know what else to expect if all this has happened to me this morning and it's not even 9am!!!


Biana said...

Oh oh, you've had quite a day already, Liya. How awful to be spat on by some strange woman. I think I would have reacted the same, in complete shock not being able to say anything. But then again, what do you say to someone like that? Anyway, goodluck with your presentation and have a safe trip!

Unknown said...

Oh, no! I hope your day has seriously gotten better, Liya! I hate days like that, but they're usually followed by a much more fabulous day! So glad you found me at Little Blue Deer, so happy to find you and I'm your newest follower! XO!

SuzieM said...

what a terrible beggining of a day!! forget and smile!! sometimes, days that have started badly have finished beautifully so give it a chance and buy a book at the airport!!

*sunday* said...

thanks guys for the comments! My day got much better.. I actually think the whole thing is quite funny.. Having a chuckle reading it :)

the nyanzi report said...

Oh my, what a morning.
Hope you had a better day afterwards.

P.S. very very hillarious although we should laugh at other's misfortune.

Lorena said...

I would have been incredibly confused too! I have never been spat on before so I'm not sure how I would react but that's terrible, I wonder what in the world would compel someone to do that. Perhaps she was mentally ill or I wouldn't know how to make sense of it. Good to hear that your day got better though!

Emm said...

oh god! what a terrible morning! =(