Monday, June 14, 2010

sharing the love...

When someone is doing something you like I think it is only fair to share the love.... This is my friend P, who has been doing photography for only a little while and I think has a really good 'eye'. P is also an ACP convert and we both had the same teacher.

I have learnt something very important from P - you cannot fully appreciate someone else's photography style or photography 'eye' (call whatever you want really) until you shot something with them.

This is hard to explain... but when you see a photo on flickr or some blog you think "oh, wow, pretty photo!" but you dont know what the actual subject or the surroundings looked like so you are only given the image from that photographer's perspective. But when you are there to see what the location/subject/person looks like and then you see the photograph you can appreciate the full extent of the photographic ability. I personally think that technical ability in photography is something that is just a matter of time.. but the 'eye' well you either have it or you don't.

I shot at the same location (or the same subject) as P a couple of times now and every time I am absolutely startled by how someone can capture the same thing you see (and capture) in SUCH a different way... You'd think same place, same people, same object.. how different could it be?! Well, works out - REALLY different! Anyhow.. enough of rambling

Check out P's personal phtoto blog:
P also has a blog of things he likes:


.:Heather:. said...

I agree with you 100%. Great post. I'm no photographer myself but I have watched and seen the outcome of many friends.

Lady M said...

oh!His photo is so beautiful!
It's tender and delicate and visionary.
I love his photos.

Unknown said...

Oh, lovely! That's a really good point, I never thought about it, but so true! So happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer, happy to be your newest follower! You are very talented!

Biana said...

Really beautiful photographs, he sure has the "eye"! And I so know what you mean, it's interesting to see how someone captures particular things in a particular way. That's the beauty of photography, to see how the world looks through someone elses eyes. Nice post.

the nyanzi report said...

It's funny how the same subject matter is presented differently from another person's perspective.

Bárbara said...

Oh so nice!! I follow his blog of things he links but now will follow the other one for sure :)

Apart from that I totally agree with you, the same happens to me when going out for photowalks with my friends, it always amaze me to see different point of view of the same place or subject.

so glad you shared his blog with us.
hope you have a beautiful day!! take care!!

Kylie said...

Thanks for sharing his blog!
And i love how we can all present one subject in so many different ways

The Photodiarist said...

You know, I think that we all have the "eye". For some, it takes a bit longer to develop than others. But if the interest is there and if we dig into ourselves a little deeper, we will find our unique way of looking at things and learn to project it through the camera. Also, one doesn't always need a good 'eye' but a good personality. When taking portrait shots, I think that drawing something out of people that is emotionally interesting or touching is probably more important than the eye for perfect composition. Okay - I will quit the ramble here.