Monday, June 28, 2010

a very long post about favourite things...

so I have a bit of good news to share with you all... HUGE NEWS actually! I will shortly be making a move to London and I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! Unfortunately it does mean that I will have less (much less) time to blog :( 

 I do however promise to do at least one post a week.. more likely than not it will be on sundays.. which will also in a way validate the name of this blog (state of sunday.. get it? get it?).. Actually that was the idea originally (not taking into account the fact that I do really like the name Sunday) - to write a sunday blog but turns out - i have too much time on my hands!

Anywho.. I digress...

With every move there comes packing... and with every packing there comes cleaning... As I was sorting through my stuff.. trying to pack the last 10 years of my life into 5 little boxes I found my old stationery box.

I bought it when I was still at school and once I used up all the stationery that came in the box, I started using it to store birthday cards, letters and other sentimental rubbish. You could also say I kept it for things that I love unconditionally and things that make me happy. As you already know I'm big on things that make me happy - I've done a post on 'happy' books and 'happy' greeting cards previously...

So I thought to myself, what the hell! Lets take it up a notch and do a post on ALL the things I hold near and dear to my heart (shoes, bags and alcohol will be covered in a different post - just kidding :))

So here it is.....

  • obviously my favourite books which you have met before
  • obviously my favourite birthday cards which you have also met previously
  • my teddy bears: Andy and unnamed
  • one of the many Sex and the City DVDs I own
  • Russian Matreshka doll (did I mention I was Russian? No? Oh well.. now you know :)
  • A framed front cover of The New Yorker magazine (here is another piece of trivia - I am NY obsessed)
  • An old polaroid picture of me and my good friend F
  • A lense cap - this supposed to represent my camera but clearly I couldnt have my camera in the picture because it was busy taking the picture...
  • A letter from my cousin from ages ago
  • An old photo of my mum and I (this is not that time nor the place to be modest - I was a damn cute chubby baby!... overinflated ego anyone?!)
  • My mum's engagement ring - my sister had it and then i got it when i turned 18.. it's kind of like a good luck thing - hard to explain
and there you have it.. until next time xx

p.s. needless to say arranging things and then taking photos of them and then taking them onto the balcony because the light is better and arranging them again did make the packing process a little longer than I expected...


.:Heather:. said...

Congrats Liya!! You must be sooo excited. I was just in NY this past weekend haha.

Kylie said...

Oh, how exciting about the move!!
And, I love this list of loves!
Good luck with the packing x

Biana said...

How great that you move to London! Very exciting! I wish you the best! Too bad you will be having less time to blog, though.

But anyway, I'm happy to be reading soon about your adventures in London (hopefully ;))

And you've got some good favorite stuff. I love that matreshka doll and those teddy bears are so darn cute! Oh and you're a real cute chubby baby ;)

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

congrats!!...gorgeous blog

the nyanzi report said...

Welcome to L town.

Bárbara said...

Congrats !!! I hope everything goes great at London :) will still follow you even though you won't post as usual as you do now, so keep us updated :)
It's not easy to pack, it's true, but you've got the chance to finde little treasures you didn't remember you had!!
take care!!!


and flowers pick themselves said...

congratulations and best of luck! that is such a lovely list.

xo Alison

Unknown said...

Oh, how sweet of you to share your stuff with us! I love to go through my old boxes of stuff, it's a rediscovery every time! Congratulations on moving to London, can I just say... sooo jealous! That is amazing, and please do keep us posted on your progress! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it meant the world to me, I feel like I don't do anything because all I do is post other people's pictures, but I really do appreciate it! I love to be inspired! XO!

Lady M said...

oh!You move to London!
It's great!And I hope your happiness.
I would like to go to London!:)