Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the first time...

I'm sure  those who have experienced it, remember it well... The first time. You spend the whole day in a state of nervous excitement.. Not able to concentrate on what you are doing, the only thing you wonder about is what will it be like? what should I wear?

You have heard so much about it and cannot wait to try it out yourself. You have read numerous articles in magazines about how it all happens..

When it finally comes to the crunch, you are more nervous than excited and not sure if you should go through with it all! The hype of it all just does not help!

But now you are here.. no turning back.. At first you are shy.. not really knowing what to do, how to behave.. Should I just keep quiet? Should I ask questions? Will I look stupid if I do? Should I just act cool and pretend like I've done it a million times and just hope that it will look convincing?? SOMEBODY HELP!!!!

The Fashion Week is here. Yes, I was talking about the Fashion Week.. what did you think!?

When it comes to fashion week, I am as rookie as they get. Literally clueless! After reading about it on blogs, magazines and every other possible media source you can't help but wonder what it would be like to experience it first hand. So, I decided that since I am now at least in the correct geographical location, it only made sense to check out what the fashion week beast was all about.

The result? You will be seeing street style photos from the fashion week on this blog until at least next Christmas! :))


the nyanzi report said...

Hillarious. Great writing.