Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photoshoot: Rock'n'Rolla

Skirt - Zara/Top - Sass & Bide/Bra - Manning Cartel/Necklace - Agent 99/Shoes - Topshop

Shorts - Topshop/ Shoes - Topshop/ Necklace - Topshop/ Leather Jacket - Swagga & Soul

  Shorts - Urban Outfitters/ Top - People Fabric (Australia)/Bolero - Zara/Shoes - Topshop/ Sunglasses - Rayban/ Bangle - Jessica Kagan Cushman

Dress - Urban Outfitters/ Denim shirt - Antipodium/Shoes - Topshop/ Necklace - Agent 99

 Shorts, T-shirt, Earrings - all from Urban Outfitters/ Braces and headpiece - Beyond Retro/ 
Cowboy Boots - Model's own

P.S. Model: Erica/ Make-up and Hair: Laura Goya/ Photos and styling: Me

for this shoot I really wanted to do something tomboyish, a little bit daring and almost aggressive. I also wanted to contrast the aggressiveness of leather against sequence and softer fabric. When I think of rascals and tomboys, I instantly think of cowboys and indians but I wanted to present it in a more modern way. We shot this at Clic La Mode Studio in Woolwich. This is my second organised photoshoot so I would be very interested to get some feedback - both positive and negative - about the styling, the theme and the photographs. 


anastacia bogdanova said...

oh, my!!!first one is just gorgeous!!!

anastacia bogdanova said...

i love the pictures, model and the styling. but make-up could be better. don't get me wrong - it's just very aggressive - a little bit toomuch. it fits well only with the last two pics.

fashion and frank said...

the styling and shots are really really good - the makeup - i think the highlighter on the brow is a bit shiny in some shots but i like the strongness of it - that is all i can think of that if i was to offer any criticism at all - it is very impressive and looks extremely professional imo xx

It-Blogirls said...

stunningg shoot!

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

What can I say? These pictures are fabulous and the styling as well! I am really impressed!!

Viviana said...

Amazing! I'm so in love with the boots, and the shoes so lovely. perfect on all outfit that you wear.

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ElenaCorolina said...

beautiful pictures specialy the last outfit!

xo lovee

Margaret said...

oh my good god, those photos are just unreal ! Love the styling, makeup and awwh your model is stunning <3

Styleadvisor said...

Well done! I like it.

Unknown said...

very nice photoshoot!
this blog is amazing

Angela said...

I love this shoot - I was thinking Cowboys & Indians already with all the sparkle, denim, swagger..loves it!

Nastja said...

Great pics! Gorgeous shoes.