Monday, February 27, 2012

London Fashion Week - takeaways

Oh my goodness! This has been crazy two weeks so far. Every season I'm giddy with anticipation of the fashion month as if its Christmas and after the first week I inevitably ask the same question - WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF???!!!!

I dont know if the day will ever come when I will be able to at least enjoy and revel in the misery of being a street style photographer at fashion week without having to switch on and off between my day job, my limping social life and basic chores like doing my laundry... I just want to be happy and tired because I've been standing outside the shows in the cold for 8 hours! :)

As expected London in the middle of February was miserable - no miracles here. Rain, freezing cold, wind, bipolar suffering sunshine - you name it.

I'm not going to dwell on the London Fashion Week because to be honest with you this season in terms of street style it was a bit of a disappointment. Too many predictable outfits straight off the Topshop windows, too many try hards and too many posers - dont know whether it's just me but this season all of these were in even greater abundance than usual.

A few take aways from the LFW2012:

  • Top of the chart - the 3 annoying teenagers who.. what's the word to describe a situation when someone constantly stuffs up your photos by being in them?? Boneheading, is that the correct term? Well, these 3 'lovely' individuals managed to make lives of dozens of photographers very difficult both before and after the Mulberry show. They literally clung onto every possible A, B and C grade celebrity and took "selfies"* with them. By the time they were done, the celebrities had no love to give to the photographers and snuck straight into the show. Result - I have about a dozens portraits of Pixie Lott/Olivia Palermo/[insert name] with about 70% of the photo being taken up by silly mugshots complete with braces, acne and oily hair.
  • Spotted - Leigh Lezark looking lost... loitering outside the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show for long enough so that the general public started questioning the fact that she had a legit invite... awkward ever so slightly...
  • Disappointing - the lack of Pyjama trend and Sporty Neon from the resort collections in the street style. 
  • Loving - Olivia Palermo's style - everything she wore looked perfect
  • Surprising - not enough vintage looks at LFW. I always thought that London fashionistas were the best when it came to doing vintage... Nowhere near enough vintage inspired looks this season.
  • Key trend - flower print is the new black
  • Trend well done - military jackets    
*selfie - a photo taken from a distance of a stretched arm... normally means that people in the photo will be missing parts of their bodies because you cant see what you are photographing


    the style crusader said...

    If you're looking for vintage you should have pounced on Kit (style slicker) and Charlie (girl a la mode) they decked out in it.

    Lovely to see you again this season! xx