Monday, February 27, 2012

Out with London, In with Milano

Super quick post re my first ever season in Milan. Milan is hectic to say the least. I mean I thought Paris was hectic but Milan is like Paris taken to an extreme. The locations are all over the city and public transport is pretty much non-existent. Oh wait, yes there are trams... where I almost got mugged and it left me paranoid of everyone around me for the rest of the trip. On a brighter note, a lot of the locations are beautiful (especially Missoni) and shooting there is pure joy. Whilst others... like Dolce & Gabbana are a massive hazard. Picture this: a busy street split by two lines of traffic, two tram lines and a narrow footpath. Well, street style photographers are an easily adapting bunch... so what do we do? we put the fashionistas on the tram tracks in the middle of a busy intersection to shoot. The backdrop is very pretty with the light and the trees and the tram track veering into the unknown. The biggest challenge - to make sure you huddle up the subject of your photograph off the tracks at least 3 seconds before the tram passes. I mean lets face it - no one wants to die for a photo... unless of course it's a photo of Anna Dello Russo in which case we all blissfully ignore the traffic by running backwards into it.

Anyways, here are some BTS photos from Milano - dont judge these are my 'quickies' taken on the run and are not at all edited... and street style shots will be coming very shortly xx

 Protesters outside Emporio Armani
Bloggers and photographers gathering before the show (p.s. this is about an hour before the show and the crowd that you see contains very few actual attending guests at this stage)

The heavyweights - Tommy Ton and Nam 

Emporio Armani - guests exit after the show

Unfair advantage - Milanese bloggers cycled from one show to another whilst we were wondering the city trying to navigate the map.. or a Google map 

Outside Jil Sander - Mr Newton, Natalie Joos, Anya Ziourova