Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Simone Marchetti - Before Viktor & Rolf, Paris

And the award for best on [fashion] field goes to..... Simone Marchetti!

I find that generally, men don't like to be photographed all that much (or at least the ones that you want to photograph don't), which is a shame really because with all the countless street style blogs out there, there is still a tangible void in the blogosphere when it comes to men's style. I don't know whether it has anything to do with the overpowering machismo which still underpins so many cultures. What I do know however, is that men around the world, though some in secret, are hungry for style direction. In today's world where fashion is no longer a measure of status but rather a way of self-expression, both men and women are craving style rather than actual fashion. A few may judge me when I say that, as a gross generalisation, women are a little more intuitive when it comes to colour. Which is why I think style inspiration from street style blogs is so valuable. And which is why I am surprised that there not that many good gentlemen style blogs. It's like a cheat sheet on how to combine colours and put together non conventional looks (well that's certainly how I tend to use them :)).

Anyway, I digress... The point of this post was to share my newfound love for the man in the picture above (who thankfully, doesn't mind being photographed). I spotted Simone both at Milan and Paris fashion weeks and every time I saw him, he made my day a little brighter. I love seeing wearable style. And that is exactly what Simone is about - every outfit he wore at fashion week you could put on any more or less respectable gentleman on the street and he would wear it proudly without feeling inadequate.

For me that's what real fashion is about - when anyone, fashion savvy or not, can recognise that THIS is beautiful, tasteful and aesthetically stimulating.

Oh and did I mention that Simone also happens to be an exceptionally nice, friendly and generally lovely to everyone kinda person?! Well, he is!

p.s. you can also see Simone's look from Milano here    



Luna S said...

this man is beyond stylish, and those pants were a gutsy move but they fit with his mood so well! x


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love the trousers! x