Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carine Roitfeld, Paris

On my flight back to London, I finally managed to watch Mademoiselle C – a documentary on Carine Roitfeld or to be more precise- whatever happened to Carine after her somewhat scandalous departure from french Vogue.
 I cant really say I ever had an opinion on Carine – obviously very stylish, successful, talented. But I couldn’t say she ever evoked any strong feelings of admiration, obsession or particular interest to her persona. I have seen her at fashion weeks in Paris and have photographed her but that was more because she is Carine Roitfeld, as opposed to because I simply love shooting her.   
 Neither could I say that I had any particular expectations for this film. I guess I expected it to be Carine’s version of The September Issue built on the same [successful but simple] formula. And that it was – similar structure, layout and story telling. However, to my surprise, what made this film an absolute pleasure to watch (and subsequently re-watch) was the human element. The Carine element – who came across as a wonderful human being who, albeit obsessed with fashion, has a life beyond fashion. I loved watching her obsess over Julia and the birth of her first grandchild, her vulnerability, her pride to be a Russian although has left the country many many years ago, her shameless embrace of the world of Kanyes, Beyonces and Jay-Zs. I loved that she opened up and showed herself not as an editor, for whom fashion is everything, but as a woman, a friend, a lover and a mother. I know it sounds really cheesy but to me that’s what has made the film so extremely relatable.
If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend watching the film – it will leave you feeling inspired! xx