Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dasha Selyanova ZDDZ

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My last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy - I was in New York for a holiday (which conveniently clashed with Halloween - any excuse to dress up), then was back in London for a few days and now I am in Russia. 

During my couple of days back home in London I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Dasha Selyanova who is a Russian designer living in London and who is one of the four masterminds behind an urban-wear brand ZDDZ. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon so we decided to head outdoors for some of the shots - Dasha leaves on the canal in Angel which made for a great backdrop to the photos.

Check out the full story (in Russian) on Wonderzine



nurgali49 said...

Просто наваждение! Вчера сидела в интернете (каюс, на работе), и случайно, по ссылкам, зашла на сайт Wonder, и с б-б-большим удовольствием рассматривала фото из рубрики "Гардероб", и ба-бах, вижу сегодня эти фото в твоем блоге. А я ведь даже не посмотрела на сайте фамилию фотографа, теперь буду смотреть. Очень здорово, мне понравились и фото и сама идея "Гардероба"