Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful - Part 1

On the weekend I met up with a friend of mine to take some street style shots of her.. Whilst at it, I also took a couple of portrait shots because I think she has an amazingly beautiful and different face... I always take quite a few shots because I'm never sure which ones will actually work. So I have narrowed them down to two: one B&W and one colour. However, I decided I would like to post them separately because in my opinion they are quite different. So here is the first shot in colour:


Biana said...

This is a beautiful photo. Very natural, and she is natural herself. Her freckles are cute. You captured her well. good job

iliketweet said...

Beautiful, she has such an interesting, pretty look.

tweet tweet tweet


Anonymous said...

she is stunning, i love her natural beauty :)

x courtney


the nyanzi report said...

cute natural beauty.

Nadine2point0 said...

She's gorgeous in both B&W and colour....and BTW so nice to see that word spelled correctly on a blog! HA! The Canadian me appreciates that ;)


Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! She has a great natural beauty and her freckles are amazing!