Sunday, June 10, 2012

Caroline Issa - London, Paris and Milan

Caroline Issa is hands down one of my favourite people to photograph. But not just because she has an amazing style. Although that of course is one of the reasons. Caroline to me is an ideal subject for a photograph - she has great style without having to compromise comfort and practicality. Think about it... have you ever seen Caroline wear something that made you think: "gee that looks uncomfortable!"? Well my point exactly, when it's cold outside Caroline will wear a coat and if she has a stack of papers to carry around, she will carry a satchel... a great looking satchel but a satchel nonetheless. I love the fact that she is a real looking person with a warm smile and not a Barbie cookie cutter like so many people you see at fashion week. Of course, I can't omit the fact that I also like Caroline for the brains - I have enormous respect for education. Caroline, with an ivy league establishment and years of experience in management consulting behind her, makes me think that a gal can have it all after all! Xx