Monday, March 14, 2011

Furs, Hats and Smiles.. June Ambrose at NYFW 2011

Does anyone know who the lady on the right is?? I literally fell in love with her at NYFW, she has such an amazing energy about her (you can probably even tell from the picture). I think she would be one of those people who just light up the room when they walk in and everyone wants to be friends with them. She was so happy and kept smiling and being nice to all the "annoying" photographers - a rarity at fashion weeks as everyone is very serious, tired and/or grumpy.

[EDIT]: Thanks to CurbAppeal, we have identified the mystery woman! Her name is June Ambrose and she is a stylist based in NYC! 


the style crusader said...

Amazing! I love this photo! Their expressions... the hats... and I love the little details on her outfit (like the black and white check coming through at the seam of her jacket). Such a great photo.

p.s. sorry, don't know who she is.


Unknown said...

Her name is June Ambrose! She's a major stylist located in the NYC area. you're right, she is a pleasure to photograph and has a great smile!

Unknown said...

Dieeeeee for a hat like that haha..
Looks so voluptuous and furry and soft haha!
Nice photos..

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the nyanzi report said...

What a great picture. Good times.

June Avenue said...

Wow, you can see she's a stylist, her outfit is just perfect and THAT SMILE... you're right, she has to light up every room! :)