Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Un nouveau ideal - Matthew Zorpas

And then there are times when you eat your words... as I was sifting through numerous and numerous street style shots I took at LFW 2011, I came across a photo of Matthew (contributor to Un Nouveau Ideal and the voice behind PR Wonderland) and my immediate thought (which often crosses my mind when I see him) is "how on earth does he do it?!"

Matthew is the polar opposite of what I was trying to explain in my Gentlemen of Style post. He does not dress up casual outfits to add an oomph. In fact, I doubt he even owns any casual outfits. His forte is taking the oomph and making it look wearable and stylish. He pulls off his outfits with such ease.. as if saying "what do you mean I look cool today?!.. this is how I always look"

Anyway, enough talking - you be the judge. I guess David is right - the jury is still out on the London vs NYC style debate!

p.s. Matthew is wearing some super funky pieces by Harald Lunde Helgesen (HLH), a London-based menswear fashion label with distinctly Norwegian roots.

p.p.s. I always hate how these collages take away from the quality of the photo but I do feel these two shots belong together