Monday, March 28, 2011

Looking for recommendations in Moscow - need your help!

Hi guys, I'm heading to Moscow on Thursday and need recommendations on where to photograph street style! I will be staying centrally, close to the Volvo Fashion Week venue so if there are any particular areas/streets that you might think will be good for meeting some trendy people PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

Thank you!! xx  


Yulya Letova said...

I'm from Moscow))
there are a lot of well-dressed people in the center of Moscow, especially on Arbat, on Tverskaya street, or on Stoleshnilov pereulok.
but, I see every day a lot of fashionable people, and it can be in the subway, and in sleeping areas, and in center of course.

Sorry for my english, I hope that helped you ))

Yulya Letova said...

and it is very difficult, because in Moscow, only one man of hundred looks good

Unknown said...

You can find interesting people on Tverskaya street, Kamergersky Sidestreet, Arbat. Inside or near big shopping centers : GUM, TSUM, Okhotny Ryad.

I will be on Volvo fashion week too)

*sunday* said...

thanks guys! thats really helpful! will check them out - if i dont freeze to death :))

Yulya Letova said...

promise +10
it is quite warm ))

Unknown said...

call me, i work on Volvo FW, can help you to get there, i work on, web-site about fashion)
call me, i'll help you)

Unknown said...

anyway, write me, have some ideas 4 ya