Monday, April 18, 2011

Konstantin Gayday AW2011

This show was probably the highlight of the Volvo Fashion Week for me. Again, not knowing anything about the designer meant that I had zero expectations and at the beginning I was a little confused by the variety of colourful tights, especially on boys. However, it would have to be the headpieces that brought it back for me. I never ever in a hundred years could have imagined that Russian theme can be so tastefully worked into what otherwise was a very modern and at times minimalistic collection. I have most certainly never seen it done successfully before and this was an absolute show stealer! My favourite look is the white headpiece worn with the white faux fur jacket and black sequence leggings.

In terms of the actual clothes I felt that the collection was strong with just enough sequence detailing to keep it exciting but without crossing over to the 'euro-trash' side. I must admit, I still do not get the leggings on boys at the beginning though...


the nyanzi report said...

I absolutely love this collection. Next time I'm coming with.